Monday, December 31, 2007

Now Entering the Blogging Age

Everyone has a blog these days: my author-friends blog, my brother blogs, old friends blog, and just about every Joe Schmoe airs his views and thoughts for anyone to see on cyberspace.

Not me, said I. I certainly do not need a blog. I will simply pick up the phone and actually talk to my friends and share my views and thoughts in person. And I can just write in my journal to record things for posterity. I was secure in my smugness. I refused to become a web-geek.

Then, life intervened. I see or talk to friends and family that live only 30 minutes away once a month or two, and those long phone conversations happen less and less. My journal collects dust nicely under my bed where I have hidden it from my kids. So, I venture into the world of communicating by email.

This works for a while. Then, as happens with many email relationships, the forwards sneak in. It is much easier to hit the "Forward" button on one of the 15 that I get in my inbox every day than write a personal note. It only takes a few seconds and (hopefully) let's my dear friends that I think of them. Soon two years go by without a single personal word and we merely swap forwards. We have become forward-friends.

I vow to change this, but still do not have the time to personally write emails to everyone I want to. I could copy and paste multiple times, but there is a better way. Even though it galls me a little to admit it. The better way is the blog way.

So, I now enter the web-geek world. (Drum Roll) ANNOUNCING THE FIRST EVER THELER BLOG! Maintained by me! Jaime. Now everyone and their Joe Schmoe can get up close and personal with my brain. I just hope they will want to return for future blogs…