Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break, and in the tradition of many families, we vacationed. . . separately.

Jason had a fun-filled "guy trip" with his four brothers and dad. His brother-in-law, Nick, was there in spirit, if not in body. They went to Las Vegas and St. George for golfing, games, movies, and I'm sure lots of salty snacks, steak, and loud bodily noises. They also went to the Hoover Dam, which I heard was really cool.

However, since it was just the guys, they did not take any pictures. (We all know who wields the cameras in the family, do we not?) So I found a picture online, and we can all just pretend it's from their trip :)

The kids and I piled in the car and headed to Grand Junction, Colorado, where I grew up.

We spent a lot of time with Nana (my mom) and Grammy (my grandmother). We haven't seen Grammy in a few years, so it was good for the kidlets to get reacquainted with her.

Ian, in classic Ian style, was very excited to be at Grammy's.

We went to the Botanical Gardens. It was small compared to other Gardens I've been to, but it is in the process of expanding and is really fun. The kids enjoyed the Butterfly Room, the big fish, and the river made out of concrete (with fish, animal tracks, and swirly water).

Oh, wow! Look at all the butterflies!

Ian learned the hard way that you do not touch cactus--especially this really big one.

Luckily, Nana was quick on the uptake and got out the spines with, of all things, gum. It worked great, too!

We also went to the Dinosaur Journey, a fun dinosaur museum. Here the kids are playing with the erosion table.

"It was a quiet day in the late Jurassic. The dinosaurs were playing happily, not knowing that a build-up of water behind the nearby dam would forever alter their primitive lives."

Not surprisingly, the boys' favorite display was the Utah Raptor ripping the head of a peaceful plant eater, with entrails and blood pooled at the raptor's feet. "Cool!" (and I quote.)

Brennan's favorite stop, however, was the Math and Science Center. It was pretty neat. Take almost every scientific principle you can think of, and all the cool experiments you can do to show that principle, put it all in a giant room with visuals explaining everything, volunteers to help, and let the kids run wild. They loved it!

We finally had to drag them out (literally) after over two hours. I guarantee we will go there again the next trip.

Here Brennan is building a golf ball maze on a carpeted wall with pipes.

It looks just like Ian!

Senea and Nana look at the live bee colony. It was glass on both sides, and had a plexiglass tube connected to the outside, so the bees could go in and out. Very cool.

On our trip I got in touch with some old friends too. Unfortunately, Senea got sick (the throwing up in the middle of the hotel continental breakfast kind of sick) so we cut our stay short. Still, it was a good trip and we had lots of fun.


Crystal Liechty said...

Cute! Love all the pictures! But when do you get your girl's only vacation? Rip off!

(I say this, but the thought of leaving Griff for a week is unbearable.)

Natalie Rose said...

looks like a fun time for all!

Molly said...

Well David took off for Spring Break, but we just hung out here with the kids (he wasn't exactly golfing, but even if he's off on business it seems like he's the one having more fun).