Sunday, May 4, 2008

And with a sigh of relief

The wedding festivities are over!

Despite the best attempts of Fate, the death of a grandparent, emergency surgery, and Mandi's brakes dying on the verge of the trip over, my brother, Cory Bickmore, is officially a husband,
and Mandi is now officially part of the family.

Be afraid, Mandi. Very afraid.

May 1st, the day of the wedding, dawned bright and . . . snowy?! That's right, folks. We woke to white on the lawn and white-out conditions that made the photographer late. *Sigh* Spring in Utah: where the weather suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. It doesn't come in like a lion, and leave like a lamb, it alternates between the two on a dizzying basis--and sometimes on the same day!

The ceremony was bee-you-ti-ful, and despite the fact that the bride and groom were 15-20 minutes late, they did arrive, squelching the rumors that one had fled at the last minute. I must admit that I shed tears of happiness (and it was not because we were talking and laughing about creative ways to stuff my bra, Lori-ann. Although that was pretty amusing. ) I was grateful for the Kleenex I stuffed in my purse when I saw the joy on Cory's face. Mandi is the biggest sweetheart and is so good for him. The girls in the family promise not to corrupt her too much.

The wedding luncheon, put on by yours truly, was a success. Complete with 4 times more food than needed and a truly moving musical tribute of The Love Boat by Robert Cunningham.

I'm afraid that the video of the performance jiggles constantly up and down and will make any viewer slightly sick. I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep the camcorder still. Mandi's family wasn't sure what to expect. They kind of had a shell-shocked look on their face. Until they saw the rest of us busting up laughing, then they realized it was okay to chuckle.

Ryan Byrd, long-time friend and roommate, toasted the haggard newlyweds (it had been a really long week). He wondered out loud about the wisdom of Cory choosing him, since he is a 34 year-old bachelor and could give very limited advice on women. That's okay, Ryan. We like you anyway. You're the only bachelor left of the group, though. Watch out!

**We interrupt this blog for an important news announcement. Jaime would like to thank the wonderful friends that made the luncheon possible, since she was driving back and forth from Bountiful. Lynett--you are a life-saver! Kristi, Annette, and Lisa, thank you soooo much for making the soup. And Natalie and Rebecca, who risked life, limb, and 2nd degree burns transporting boiling soup for me--I owe you big time. You guys are the best!! Chocolate chip cookies are coming your way!!**

Next came the dash up to Jason's parents house for the reception. The Thelers are the bomb for letting us use their beautiful house! Cookies don't seem nearly enough for that. I'll have to think of something good.
Senea was star-struck with Mandi in her "princess dress" with her bouquet.

Then it was another mad dash, this time 4 hours of driving to Colorado for the next wedding reception in Mandi's hometown (and mine) of Grand Junction. Lori-ann of the gorgeous singing voice sang "Only Hope" in honor of the occasion (check out her ethereal vocals at The newlyweds mixed and mingled, cut the cake, and then escaped for the 4 hour drive back to Utah so they could leave on their honeymoon to HAWAII the next day. Way to go, guys! We hope you're having a blast. Oh, and Cory, if you read this before you get back, your car is making a weird buzzing noise out in our driveway. Call me.

Jason jumped in and helped out in that wonderful way of his. He scooped gallons of ice cream, ran food back and forth, and generally helped out however he could. What a great behind-the-scenes guy!

Whew! What a busy time. We can't wait to do it again in . . . oh . . . 4 weeks when Danielle gets married. Yikes! Hopefully I will have caught up on sleep by then :)

We love you, Cory. And we wish you the very best and a lifetime of happiness!


Rachel said...

Jaime - somehow we manage to survive these crazy events - you did so much, so take a breather for the next few days. Sorry we wern't able to make it. The crazy life of a soccer mom - practice until 7:30 that night-plus lots of homework once we got home! I should have managed our schedule a little better and come up for a few minutes to see you all. Again, sorry about that - but, it sounds like all was beautiful and they are married- YEAH!

Molly said...

It looks like a wonderful event. I LOVE the bouquet. I'm sure you guys did great behind-the-scenes work to make sure that it was a day for the bride and groom to remember.

Tavia said...

This was very fun to read and I'm so glad things turned out well. I enjoyed the all the fun pictures. Jamie, you're beautiful! Congrats to Cory & Mandi!

ryanbyrd said...

"since he is a 34 year-old bachelor"

nope. at the time I was 29. I'm thirty now.