Saturday, May 24, 2008

Father & Son Campout

Jason and the boys went on a Father/Son campout last weekend and had a blast. Jason won the Fear Factor contest, which included such disgusting feats as drinking vinegar, eating oysters, and holding his breath in a bucket of ditch water the longest. My hero!!

Here are a few pics.

How do we set up this tent again?

I understand Mike Priddis lit the bonfire in style:
with rockets, lots of gasoline, and some sort of wire hooked up to a car battery.

They camped with all the other fathers & sons at a ranch far from civilization and modern plumbing. That didn't stop them from watching the Jazz playoff game though, thanks to someone with a satellite, a projector, and the know-how to set it all up.

Yep. They were really roughing it. :)


Parker said...

that father and sons campout was fun,me,ian,and brennan and some other pals played some night games!!!!Ahhh, good times.

Jaime Theler said...

To Parker:
Yeah that was a good campout!!!!!!!!!
Too bad we didn't get to play Capture the flag. That would have made it perfect!


Natalie Rose said...

that looks like a good time...I especially love the dish.