Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Did It!

I Did It!! *Happy Dance*

That's right. Yesterday I ran the Memorial Day 5K race to raise money for the widow and 3 kids of Ryan Cox. It was even raining, which deserves an extra pat on the back for me, cold-wimp that I am. I just bundled up in my sweats, hat, and gloves. And I did it! (Happy Dance Encore)

I was excited to see so many friends and neighbors there. I won't list them all because I'm sure I'll miss some of you since the place was PACKED! The highest entry number we saw was 1000. *Whistle* I was Number 292, which is now my lucky number of the week. My cute sister-in-law Marissa came down and ran with us. Way to go, Marissa! (And yes, she does look like Reese Witherspoon. A lot.)

Though I never would have admitted it, as I stood in the mob milling around the starting line, I had the nebulous dream that I might try to place or something. It was a completely irrational idea, considering I've only gone running 3 times in the last two months, but who said dreams are rational? So I was pondering this idea until the guy with the megaphone suggested the slower runners move toward the back. Right on the starting line a bunch of guys ripped off their track pants to reveal those runner shorts that are little more than loincloths. Then they bent down and got into starting positions. On the wet street. In the cold rain. Remember, I had gloves. And I could tell by the muscles on the newly-bared legs that these guys meant serious business.

The gun went off and those guys exploded and were gone. *Pop* There went my dream.

Next dream: finish. Okay, that's more do-able. And I did it! I ran the whole way, didn't die or feel like puking, and am not so sore today that I can't walk. That spells success to me.

They told me they will be posting times and results on the internet tomorrow, so I won't give my time until I know exactly where I placed. But I'll let you all know as soon as I do.

Yippee! That was so much fun. I am so doing it again. When is the next 5K? Maybe some of those ripped runner guys won't show up for that one.

Hey, a girl can dream...


Tavia said...

Hooray and congratulations! I loved the fun narrative.

Natalie Rose said...

that's awesome! I've been running and I think I'm going to try a 5k. Do you know when any others are??? and yes, I will be in the back with my only dream to run the whole way.

The Theler's said...

great job on the 5K! Sorry I couldnt make it Lexi had double ear infections. Maybe next time. Love ya

Molly said...

That's great. I'm trying to work myself up to running (okay, slow jogging is more like it), but I'd be game to do a 5K with everybody!