Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family, Swimming, and DO NOT go to 7 Peaks

Yeah, you heard me. I am campaigning against Seven Peaks. If your kids got those free passes through school, then I can understand if you want to go for it, but let me tell you, it felt today a little like good ol' Seven Peaks is deteriorating into the Water Park Ghetto (if there is such a thing).

First, the happy stuff. Some extended family arrived from out of state a few days ago, heralding what we affectionately call "Theler Week"--where we spend a whole week running to and fro and hanging out with the Theler family. Theler Week has actually really calmed down from what it used to be. We're all older than we used to be (esp. Jason's parents) and so we don't try to plan something every second now. Or maybe I'm just more used to it. Imagine, for a moment, coming from a fairly reserved family, into a crazy chaotic mix where everyone expresses their opinions (or bodily noises - 5 boys, what else do I need to say??) unashamedly and usually at a decent volume.

In fact, the first time I went to Jason's house I about fainted from shock when his two younger brothers had a belching contest at the dinner table. And his dad laughed through the whole thing. That visit his grandmother, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, also stole my toothbrush. I'll admit, something like "Heavens above, what am I getting myself into?" did cross my mind. I've adapted now, though. I will grudgingly admit that belching the alphabet does take some talent. And I would have happily loved to have that talent while I was pregnant. *sigh* I confess, I am burp-challenged. I cannot make myself do it. And thanks to the Theler influence, I have tried.

But, I digress. For Theler Week so far we've gone swimming, seen Kung Fu Panda (very cute. I laughed much. And I will not be offended if some of you avert your eyes so not to be blinded by my awesome-ness), gone miniature golfing, have eaten much, and made merry.

So today the plan was Seven Peaks. Well, going there isn't exactly cheap. And it didn't get off to a good start. First there was a bottleneck to park. Like waiting at Disneyland or something. My FIL called and told us to park on the street and walk. They had already been in the parking traffic jam for 10 minutes. We parked, walked, and still beat everyone to the front gate. Enter long line to get into the park, with only one window open. Then meet long line to pay for an inner tube rental (Can you say RIP OFF), then go to the back of the next long line to then pick up said stupid, freaking, inner tube.

After an hour, we are finally ready to try some slides. Let's see, the kid pool is closed, the little kid slides are closed. So, take Senea in the wave pool--which is broken. Yea! A pool without waves. Geez, we could have floated in Grandma & Grandpa's pool for free and not been constantly run into by stupid, freaking, rip off, inner tubes. (No bitterness there, really. It has nothing to do with the teenage boy that tried to take my head off with one. Yeah, laugh it up, buddy. You are just lucky I have the reflexes of Kung Fu Panda.)

We wait in long lines to go down a couple slides, then figure we'll go float in the Lazy River. Guess what, folks? It's closed. And the Boomerang Ride. Yep. Closed. So our choices are now wait in line for an hour for one of the slides, or float in the broken wave pool that has so many tubes in it that it resembles a giant bowl of Cheerios. Because, you know, half the park was closed, so everyone only could go on the few open things.

After 2 hours we packed up and went to Jason's parents to swim in their pool. Which is blessedly free of stupid, freaking, rip off, inner tubes.

So, if you're thinking of going to Seven Peaks. Don't.


Stephanie said...

Good to know. I was just thinking "I think it would be fun to take the boys to 7 peaks" NOT!! Thanks for letting me know. Also went to Deseret Book today and bought your book. Can't wait to read it.

Molly said...

I'm scared. We're going to Seven Peaks tomorrow....eek! It's free through David's work, and the park will only be open for employees of his work, but I'm still nervous. I'm going to call and see if the kiddie areas are open. I can't imagine going if they aren't. Thanks for the heads up.

And yes, Kung Fu Panda is awesome. We saw it opening weekend and went to eat at Panda Express afterwards....my kids are STILL quoting scenes from the movie (and I have to admit, David and I are too!)

Natalie Rose said...

HOLY COW what a rip off! I will stay clear of that place. We were thinking of going but it definately does not sound like it's worth the small fortune it costs.

Rachel said...

Lets forward this to 7 Peaks - we mean business - we hate 7 Peaks! Big Fat Rip-off!!!!

I laughed so hard when I was reading this because it's so true. I guess having grown up in the crazy Theler home I am somewhat immune to all the body sounds and loud talking. So funny! I'm so glad you joined the insanity and hopefully we are mellowing a little now that the boys are out-numbered! Yeah!!!

Jenny Wimmer said...

That's NUTS! So glad I don't have a season pass to that place. I'll just stick to the good old AF Pool!