Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Wedding Bells

Saturday we had another family wedding.

My sister Danielle (known to her friends and family as Belly) married Cody Wagner in a sunny ceremony smashed between rain showers at Thanksgiving Point.

My other sister Lori-ann and I were bridesmaids, Senea and my niece McKenzie were flower girls, and my nephew Jeremy was the ring-bearer.

Little flower girl.

The ring-bearer got a little lost, but he's so cute that nobody cared.

The ring-bearer was playing with the ribbons and got them into a knot that took Cody a little work to undo.

Lori-ann (known by her artist name Lori Cunningham) sang a beautiful song that had more than one person in tears. **Shameless plug: Her debut CD will be out in the next couple months but you can check out music samples at www.loricmusic.com.**

Brennan and Ian helped greet people at the reception.

Senea loves the brides. They look like princesses, after all.

Taking advantage of all of us looking snazzy.

Belly and Ian -- One of my favorite pictures.

We wish you the best Danielle & Cody!


Josi said...

Congrats--and I'm glad the day worked out alright weather wise, it's been a tricky spring/summer for outdoor events. Great photos.

Strophic Records said...

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. I'm glad everything went perfectly as planned.