Monday, June 30, 2008

Theler Week Recap

Whirlwind Theler Week is over, so now it's time to regale you with anecdotes and pics. I already told you probably the best one: the Seven Peaks fiasco. But I'll try to make the rest interesting, too.

We ate together a lot, and went swimming a lot, too. Jason's parents have a pool so it's easy to go hang out poolside. Senea finally got the courage to get rid of her neon orange life vest (absolutely wonderful thing to have at a public pool. All I have to do is scan for the child wearing the bright, hurt-your-eyes hunter color) and try swimming under her own power. With some new, snazzy goggles, she is now a regular little fish, and even goes off the slide without anyone catching her. Now if we can only get rid of the training wheels on her bike...

Look at her jump from the side!

Ian practicing his diving.

For Brennan's birthday we saw Kung Fu Panda. It's very cute and wipes the floor with some of the more recent child-movie fare. (Has anyone suffered through Over the Hedge or Hoodwinked? Puh-lease. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it doesn't have to at least be sort of good.) I laughed through the entire first sequence and now have lots of cool quotes to add to my "Princess Bride" and "So, I Married and Ax Murderer" repertoire. *Look at the size of that boy's head! It's got it's own weather system.* (I confess, I should have more cool quotes, if only I could remember them... By the time I've seen Kung Fu Panda as many times as the other two movies, then I will have the lines memorized)

Yes, it is possible to blind everyone with my awesome-ness and bodacity. I had tears rolling down my face during a daydream done Japanimation-style. Seriously. I thought I might have to run to the bathroom. There was also a really funny guy in the front row of the theater who had obviously already seen the movie who knows how many times, because he would say the funny lines before the characters, and then laugh real hard. I was only a little confused on how a goose had a panda for a son, but oh well.

We went swimming after the movie, then realized we still had some daylight left, so we went miniature golfing. I am happy to say I did not completely embarrass myself. Jason beat me, of course. I definitely have a competitive streak, but all the Theler guys had their own putters. There's only so much you can do with the hot pink, rubber, rental putter. At least, that's my excuse.
This isn't even the whole Theler gang. Just those of us who took the golfing challenge.

Okay, semi-off-topic anecdote. The first time I tried golfing, I was playing tennis in my home town. Some friends were golfing next to the tennis courts and so I ran over and tried hitting a few golf balls. Very sad and pathetic. I took back my much larger tennis racket and went back to whaling on fuzzy green balls. My second attempt at real golf came when Jason took me to the driving range a few years ago. My goal was to hit the ball past the chain link fence that separated the driving areas (whatever they're called). Not to reach the flags at 50 yards, or 100 yards. No. I was ecstatic to hit it past the freaking divider. Beyond sad and pathetic.

So that cured me of my prejudice that golf is a really lame sport. I mean, you hit a ball, and then walk around? Where's the athleticism in that?! Well, it's not too hard to hit a ball, but to hit it far and where you want it to go? A little harder. So all you golfers, I take back my "golf is lame" stance. It's still beyond boring to watch on TV, though. *snooze*

"And what do you think he's going to try and do, Ted?"
"Well, John. I think he's going to try and hit the ball into the hole."
"Brilliant deduction, Ted. If he can do it in only one stroke, it will put him up at a quadruple back-flip double birdie eagle, which would be a great thing for all golfers everywhere."
"At the tournament last month, he had a similar shot, but a crazy fan tackled him from behind the trees and sent it wide."
"Yeah, but that spectator was very understanding about her missing front teeth."
"The scramble to find those teeth as souvenirs made the highlights on SportCenter."
"Definitely a golfing classic..."

Jason being silly. (Jason? Silly? Never!)

Here are a couple pics from Seven Peaks--before we realized half the park was closed.


We also went bowling during Theler Week. Just that day we had heard some talk show hosts poking fun at O'Bama for bowling a 36. We chuckled a little, too. How horrible is that?! Yeah, well pride goeth before the fall, I guess.

I bowled probably the most atrocious game since I started retaining memories. We can blame it on the too light bowling ball, or maybe I'm just so buff from working out that I couldn't help chucking the ball straight into the gutter, I don't know. The honest truth is that after frame 4 I had knocked over 3 pins--count em, 3! Whoa. Watch out O'Bama, I may beat you at the horrible bowling record. Jason's mom took a picture of Jason hugging me after that wonderful start and the look on my face resembles someone who has just stepped in doggie doo. Have I mentioned I'm competitive? And that Jason always beats me on everything? You know, that gets really old. Not only did he beat me, but so did everyone else, including my children. *sigh* I did get better with a heavier ball (all those muscles, ya know) but not enough to post my score. When school starts y'all can find me in the bowling alley, practicing.

Let's see, we also went out to eat, went swimming some more, and just hung out. All the guys went golfing, which is a good guy-bonding thing. I guess. It was a nice week and it was good to see more of the family. Jared & Gina, we missed you. And I'm sorry we didn't see you, John. Next time!

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