Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

Yesterday Jason and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. You may know that every anniversary year has a traditional "gift" associated with it. The first anniversary is the Paper Anniversary. If you're feeling a little cynical, then you can assume that in our society today maybe that's the divorce paper anniversary... (Bad joke, I know.) Year 6 is the Candy Anniversary, and year 10 is the Tin Anniversary (I am so bummed we didn't know that 2 years ago! Because I've always wanted a tin... something.) And last year was our Steel Anniversary. I really could have used a new sword. Anyway, year 12 is the Silk Anniversary. Hmmm. All kinds of possibilities there. If you're curious about what years are what items, then here's a link to a Traditional Anniversary Gift List.

Wow! It's hard to believe we've been married that long. I still sometimes wake in the middle of the night, roll over half-asleep, and get a scare because there's someone in my bed! Then I wake completely and calm down, because it's Jason, and he's been there for a number of years now. Whew! That happens less and less, and Jason says it never happens to him.

For a little nostalgic story-time, Jason and I met my first year at BYU. We lived in the same apartment complex (2 doors down, actually). The first time I noticed him was during an activity where we were playing some sort of game sitting on the floor in 2 lines facing each other. When I was across from Jason he was smiling and laughing. I had just come from a relationship with one of those more gloomy, dramatic types and Jason's laugh is very infectious. It was like a burst of sunshine.

Then, our ward had an activity where they picked names and paired people up for B.A.R.F. week (Be A Real Friend). I was Jason's BARF buddy. Each day of a week had a theme, and the goal was to do something secretly for your BARF buddy with that theme each day. My favorite may have been art day, when I sneaked over late at night and drew a scene from Calvin & Hobbes in soap on the huge picture window of the living room of Jason's apartment. I'm sure that's when he fell in love with me--who can resist Calvin??

The last activity was to do something together. We played racketball and just clicked. Of course, I was insanely busy (21 credit hours and working - what was I thinking?!), a bit clueless, and resistant to romance, so Jason wormed his way into my affections by feeding me dinner. I'd get home after a crazy day, look in the fridge contemplating if I had the energy to study over a tuna fish sandwich, and Jason would call and just "happen" to have extra dinner. After dinner we would just sort of stay and study together. One thing led to another, and almost 2 years later we were married (I did mention I was resistant, right?).

I'll share the story of our first kiss another post. It's pretty funny. That whole resistant thing...

Here's a pic from our dating days. We don't look a whole lot different, do we? Love the hat!

And one of our engagement pictures.

Happy Anniversary to Us,
Happy Anniversary to Us,
Happy Anniversary Jason and Jaimeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Anniversary to Us!


Jenny Wimmer said...

Happy Anniversary! I love to hear how people met. That's a fun story!

Natalie said...

12 years! Congrats! It was fun to read about how you met. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

It is so fun to see where you end up 12 years and three kids later. What a great story. Congratulations to 12 years!!!

Rachel said...

Yeah Happy Anniversary! Wow - hard to believe 12 years. FYI - just last night I had the "who is lying next to me" took me at least 15 minutes to calm myself down and remember that I am married (15 years, almost) and that the man next to me is actually my husband. It was a crazy night! So funny that you have the same dream!