Thursday, July 3, 2008

This year it's a "Staycation"

That's right, folks. With the price of everything skyrocketing, the cost of braces looming on the near horizon, and Jaime's little side-business going belly-up, our family had to take a little cut in the vacation budget. Like many others are choosing to do, this year we decided to do a family "Staycation". We just pretend we're on vacation, only we sleep in out own beds, eat a meal or two in our own kitchen, and go do things around here. It's working out good, though, since neither Jason or I are Utah natives (yes, we're transplants).

Instead of sitting you all down to look at slides of our vacation, I get to blog about it. :) So, here are some details. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to do a Staycation of your own.

Staycation Day 1: The Gateway in SLC
This was our longest day. We were there waiting when they opened the doors to Clark's Planetarium. I haven't been to the Planetarium since I was a child, when it was in a different location and you lay back in the seats and looked at the ceiling for a night-time star show. I think they still have the dome show-thing, but the signs all said it was set to the music of U2. Hmmm, I know whenever I look at the stars I have U2 going through my head. Doesn't everyone? (Note: we did not do the U2 show, and I prefer to have blessed silence when stargazing, but that's just me.)

We did see the Deep Sea in 3D, which was pretty cool. Senea may always have a fear of squid now, though. The music was by Danny Elfman (of Oingo Boingo and soundtrack fame) and it was narrated by Johnny Depp. Those are two favorite artists: because Johnny Depp is such a fantastic musician and Danny Elfman is so good looking. (If you don't get that semi-lame joke, go Google Images Danny Elfman.) And I wished we could have kept the 3D glasses - it'll be the next fad, I just know it.

See? Snazzy...

The kids on the moon. Notice Ian's "I'm suffocating from lack of air" face. You should see the one on the Mars landscape where they are collapsing with dying expressions. LOL

If men are from Mars, then Jason will have to come visit me on my home planet next time. *Discovery Channel Moment* Venus is covered in a thick layer of reflective clouds of sulfuric acid, so you can't actually see the planet surface. So what exactly does that mean about women?! It also the brightest object in the sky except for the sun and moon. Educational vacations. Gotta love 'em

The next stop for Day 1 at The Gateway was the Children's Museum. We spent 4 hours there and had a great time. Senea informed me that she wishes she lived there. I'll have to break the news that the store full of food and the kitchen are all just pretend...

Brennan goes shopping at the kid's store.

Ian at the check out.
Ian's favorite thing by far was the Life Flight helicopter.
Brennan liked it, too.
Here is Senea doing the news, with Ian as a technician.
Ian as news anchor.

Jason and Brennan's favorite may be the big wall for making a ball maze out of pipes. They set up something pretty elaborate & had a blast doing it.

Next stop: the Olympic Fountain. We packed swimsuits and towels and let the kids run in the dancing fountains.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Theler Family Stacation... Coming soon!

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Stephanie said...

Jaime could you tell me where Battlecreek falls is?? It sounds like a great hike. How is it for 2 and 4 year olds? How long is it? Sorry for all the questions but being an inplant to Utah too I don't know all the fun places. Thanks for the info.