Saturday, August 2, 2008

A-hiking we will go (again)

I used to hike a lot while growing up, and now I've been bit by the hiking bug again. Last week we dragged the kids on a hike to Stewart Falls. Jason's parents came along for the fun.

The views were fantastic!

Not to mention the incredible surrounding nature.

It was 2 miles in to the falls, which stretched the kids to their limits.
The waterfalls at last!

Shortly after we arrived, the BYU Cross-country running camp arrived, having run the 2 miles up. The solitude wasn't so solitary anymore with 50+ runners, but we didn't mind sharing.
*I just had to explain why there are all sorts of people in short shorts and without shirts in the background of this picture.*

Jason and I took turns carrying Senea on the way back because she was too tired to hike anymore. It gave us a good workout!

We were all a *little* dirty afterwards.
(Jason laughed that I would take a picture of my feet, but I wanted to share.)

I can't wait until the next hike!
It was actually yesterday, but I'll post about it sometime next week.

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Nolan & Donna said...

Which day did you go to Stewart's Falls? We hiked up there last Monday (28th.) I've got pictures posted on my myspace page. I too took a picture of my feet. :)