Monday, August 25, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!

I did it!

Here I am at the finish line of the triathlon on Saturday morning. Do you think I look happy? Triumphant even? Heck, yeah! I finished it, and didn't have to stop or throw up afterward. To me that was a success!

And here's the lady that talked me into it, Elaine. She did great, too!

The worst part of the whole thing was waiting in line next to the pool, shivering in the cold because all I had on was my swimsuit and goggles. They stagger the start of the swim, so the faster swimmers went first. I was firmly in the middle of the pack and didn't actually get in the water for a good 30 minutes after the first guys. Maybe even 45 minutes.

My verdict? It was a lot of fun. I tried to do my best, but didn't push myself to total exhaustion. The next triathlon I'll be able to gauge better how to pace myself (and yes, I would love to do another one). I finished it under the time I allotted myself and even took time during one transition to run to the bathroom.

I felt like I would place near-ish the top of the pack in my age group. Imagine my total surprise to find out later that day when all the results were in that I actually placed 3rd in my class! Wow! Now I'm even more willing to try it again. Maybe I could do way better if I swam a little faster, didn't towel off quite so much, and just went pee on the run... *shudder* Nah.


Jenn said...

Love It! Thanks for sharing.

Strophic Records said...

WooHoo! GO SIS!!! I'm so proud of you. It was only because of your persistent training that enabled it to be easier than you thought it would be. (Man, that sentence was structured poorly!) I'm thinking next year I might be able to join you on a few 5K's... not that we'll stay together or anything! I would probably eat your dust.


Natalie said...

you are my hero...maybe someday i'll try that.

Callaway Family Fun said...

good for you, that is awesome! by the way, i love your big family picture, sooo cute!

our amazing voyage said...

Way to go Jamie! 3rd place is amazing. You and Elaine both look great.