Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Cake, Batman!

My newest sister-in-law makes wedding cakes. We had a little get together for my dad's birthday and she walked in with this!!

Oh yeah. It's a cake all right.

My dad's a big tennis player (as was I before knee surgery and 3 children. And as I will be once again. Oh, yes--I will play tennis again. *punch fist to the sky in a dramatic manner*)

The kids were immediately calling dibs on the tennis ball. And even though it was chocolate, I had to try a little slice of the chocolate cake with chocolate mousse frosting, topped by the outer frosting made from--get this--melted marshmallows. Who knew?! I just thought you melted marshmallows in the microwave for kicks. Not like I ever did that, of course. Or melted various candies and stuck them all over a real potato as a Mr. Potato Head with my roommate in college as a really bad gift to give the guys who lived a few doors down, one of which I would happen to marry 2 years later. Who needs alcohol to act really weird? Just keep me up past sunset and the entertainment never ends. It seemed like the most hilarious idea at the time. And if I remember it was really late, too. Just a word of caution: avoid melting jelly beans. Really gross. As in horrible stink that takes a few days to get rid of gross. And they wouldn't stick to the potato worth anything.

Anyway, back to the cake... Everyone assured me it was absolutely delicious, which I'm sure it was, if you like that chocolate kind of thing. All I know is Mandi is now invited to all my children's birthday parties because they will turn up their noses at my pathetic cupcakes now that they've seen what cake could be.

Mandi does hire out her services, you can reach her at... Ha ha. Just kidding. I won't really post her cell number. But if you really want an awesome cake, I can give it to you. You know you're drooling...

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