Thursday, August 28, 2008


Monday was the first day of Kindergarten for Senea. She has been so excited all summer.

Here she is in line with her friend Bryant.

If you ask her what the best thing is about starting school, she'll probably say the new clothes. Thanks Aunt Sammie! Is she a total girl, or what?

I was dancing for joy when I dropped her off, but I have to admit there was a small twinge of sadness. My baby is in school. *sniff* Ok, now I'm over it. :) I have a few hours a day where all 3 kids are in school. So far this week I've been using that time to catch up on stuff I let slide over the summer. And then I'll consider it my work time to finish up my next book. Yippee!

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Beeswax said...

I am envious! What's your book about? Or is that rude to ask? I don't know author etiquette.