Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

Status: TGIF
Song: "Gods of War" by Def Leppard

Today I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm the one who blogs and we're going flashback with Jason. (He he he... the power!)

Travel back in time and space to the, dirt-covered streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Jason served a mission for 2 years.

Here's the city.

And here's the part of the city where Jason was most of the time. Yep, those are slums. You think you've got it bad here in America? Do you have running water? Something other than dirt on the floor? More than one bed? Yeah, quit your whining.

Here's Jason cooking in his 5 star apartment. That's how he got me to even spend time with him. I was insane and taking 18 credit hours and working. Jason would call after I got home and mention that he *happened* to have extras from dinner and would I like to come over and have some? He still cooks.

I had to put this pic on for 2 reasons. First, because Jason assures me the tropical fruit here will never, ever compare with that in Brazil, and second, because this is how he looked when I first met him. Not the guava (is that a guava? I have no idea. Newsflash! Jason says it's a coconut. So I was way off) or the tie, but a lot like this. *sniff*

And just a typical pic for the dignified principal we all know and love. LOL

Jason, honey, this flashback Friday's for you!


Beeswax said...

I think he must have been a little older than that when I met him, because he looks about 12 in your pictures!! Roman Gardens must have seemed like the Four Seasons after that place.

And Roman Gardens? NOT the Four Seasons. Unless the Four Seasons has astroturf hallways.

Jenny Wimmer said...

Great pics!

Tavia said...

I loved reading that and seeing the pics. It reminded me of my time in Bolivia, too.

Rachel said...

That's my brother for you. So Funny, thanks for the flashback!