Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Musings

Status: Fighting a head cold
Song of the Day: "More Than This" by Peter Gabriel

I felt like I should post something today, but my medicine-fogged brain isn't coming up with anything tremendously clever. So here are some random thoughts to rise through the fuzziness.

1. I am a total highlight football watcher. I'm happy to hear the highlights shouted from the couch. "BYU just blocked the fieldgoal!" etc. Or pass through the room, ask for the score and then shout or groan in commiseration, and then move on to other business.

2. Kids think their friend's parents will buy anything. Today's special is painted rocks. I helped them set up a table and chairs out front. Wouldn't want to kill that entrepreneurial spirit.

3. I can't believe the human body can produce so much mucus. I mean, I just blew out at least 1/8 a cup of it from my nose 10 minutes ago and I already need another tissue.

4. If you haven't tried Pandora for music, you simply have to. You create stations from a favorite artist or song, then Pandora picks music for you based on musical similarities. I love it.

5. I like the sun. The sun is nice.

6. The primary presentation will be over by this time tomorrow. Halleluja!

7. I wrote a rough book review on my other blog, only to have the author stop by and comment. So I had to respond to that, too. Check out the original review here, and part 2 here.

8. I'm a little stuck on my current Work In Progress. I need a cool way to get through a magical door. Having a riddle written on the door that only shows up by moonlight won't work (Lord of the Rings). Neither will sticking your hand in a bug-infested hole to find a lever and pull (a little Indiana Jones). If any of you have an idea, I would love you to shoot it my way. Right now what I have is lame with a capital L. I told Jason about it and he said, "Yeah. That's pretty lame."

9. Senea had her first bike crash today. She cried until she looked in the mirror and saw the blood all over her face (a cut on her forehead that bled a ton). Then she freaked out. But at least she got back on the bike.

10. There's some key combo (somewhere near the control and Alt keys) you can hit in MS Word that makes it start reading your document out loud in a robotic voice. I don't know what I hit, or how to make it stop. It's really cool, until you realize that it's reading out loud near the start of a 150 page document. It would take a long time for that robot voice to read 150 pages. Also, if you completely exit out of Word in a panic, it stops.

And I think that's the extent of any coherent thought today. Is it to early to go to bed?

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