Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time out to brag

Status: A little foggy from allergy medication (I'll try a different kind next time)
Today's Song: "My December" by Linkin Park

So, I just have to brag. I have a super-duper talented family, and today I'm going to brag about my sister Lori-ann Cunningham (who performs under Lori Cunningham, since we all agreed Lori-ann Cunningham was a little too rhyme-y, and not in a good way).

She's an awesome vocalist and musician and just finished her debut CD. And, lucky me, I got one of the first copies! YEA!

We listened to it this morning as the kids were getting ready and had a conversation that went something like this:

"We're not going to listen to the theme for Beverly Hills Cop today, guys. We're going to listen to Aunt Lori-ann."

"Aunt Lori-ann's a singer?"

"Yep. And this is her CD."

"So she was in a band before she had kids?"

"No. She just finished this. While she had kids."

"Really?! Where's her band?"

"Well, it's just her and her keyboard and computer. Oh, and some other people she knows around the country that collaborates with her on some songs."

**Senea just twirls and dances to the music, not really participating in the conversation, but assuring me that she dances better than me because she dances like a "hot girl." I'm not sure I like that concept, but I will have to address it another day. Back to the conversation...

"Who's her boss?"

"She's kind of her own boss."

"This is Aunt Lori-ann?"

"It sure is."

"She's really good. It doesn't sound like her."

*I laugh. And yes, it does sound like her.*

"Why can't we listen to the Beverly Hills Cop theme?"

"Because we're listening to Aunt Lori-ann's CD."

I'll let you all know when the CD is officially out, but you can find out more information about my beautiful, talented, hot-mama sister Lori Cunningham at her website or her Myspace page.


Strophic Records said...

AWWWW! Spanks Jaime! That's super sweet. And I can just see that conversation... I hope I can live up to your wonderful praises.

Love ya!~


Donna said...

I was telling Lori-ann the other night that I was in my car, listening to her cd as a whole, and was in tears because I was so touched firstly at her amazing talent as a musician and a vocalist, but secondly because she saw this project through to the end. Even with all her opposition. I am very proud of her. :)