Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend excursion

Status: Moving like an old lady (tried out a new weight class yesterday)
Today's Song: "Here It Goes Again" by Ok Go

We didn't have any extended family-type plans last Sunday, so we decided to take a little trip up to Temple Square.

On the roof of the conference center. You may notice Brennan isn't in this pic. It's official. He doesn't like heights. Really doesn't like them, although he does okay hiking in the mountains. I guess a straight drop is worse. Poor kid :(

Senea is such a poser.

I love this pic.


Tavia said...

Very fun. I do like the princess poses. As for Brennan, that's one thing it's okay to be scared of (my husband fits in that category...hiking is ok, looking off of a tall building- NOT ok).

Natalie said...

i love temple square! what a fun sunday thing to do.

Stephanie said...

what a great idea! I bet you kids loved it. It would be fun to make it a tradition and go to different temples!! You're such a fabulous mom!! you rock!

Keri said...

Jason--This is Keri (Gardner) from Albany! My mom had a link to you on her blog so I thought I would stop in and say hello. Lovely, lovely family!

Rachel said...

So fun, we've got to do that with our kids some time. Miss You guys, see you soon!