Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want to know...

... some of your pet peeves as you read books. I listed a few on my other blog, and would like to hear from some of you. Not only because it's kinda fun, but because as an author I don't like "peeving" my readers.

Take a peek here.

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Donna said...

There are a few things that irritate me, such as authors that repeat the same story line in all their books, they just mix up the characters. Example: (We'll see if you can figure which books I'm talking about)
He is woken in the middle of the night by someone he doesn't know, dragged to somewhere in Europe to solve a crime involving a dead guy, in which he is also blamed for. Then he gets involved with the dead guy's daughter, drags her all over Europe while solving all sorts of riddles and clues, dodging the law enforcement, ends up miraculously exposing the true murderer, and falls in love with the girl.

Another peeve is repetition. Okay, okay, we KNOW that you're a business woman, and he's a Maverick. We get it. Now tell us something different. Okay that wasn't in a book, but it's a good example. No, things like describing her long silky blonde hair every time it gets tossed in the wind. We know the color, we know it's length, and we know the health of it. Or describing an emotion the character has, the same emotion, mind you, every other paragraph. Okay, we know she's horrified. Choose another adjective.

My last peeve is fluff. Writing a whole bunch of unimportant details just to make the story stretch. As much as I love Harry Potter, my example of this is the whole, what, 7 or 8 chapters that covered a short time in the Black's house in the Order of the Phoenix. It was soooo long and drug out. In that case, less is more.

Just my thoughts. But, who am I to criticize? I may actually be guilty of doing the same things if I were to write books. Probably because of my limited imagination. LOL.