Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Pet Peeves

Status: Feeling guilty for sleeping in
Song: "Just Dance" by Lady Ga Ga

I started a completely different blog post a few minutes ago, a more happy, uplifting one. But I couldn't quite finish it. The happy, funny vibes just weren't flowing. Instead, I'm going to do this one because I'm in a snarky mood. Hopefully I can get all the snark out, and entertain in the process.

So, for today, here are some of my pet peeves. I'm not going for anything weighty, or life-threatening, or even anything that really matters, but just the stupid, annoying things that seem to get under my skin.

1. Cleaning showers -- I have three of them and I hate to clean them. Especially in the summer when my kids are all dirty (or when the Steeds have a mountain of sand in their driveway that the neighborhood plays in). The worst shower-cleaning experience for me, however, was after Halloween when Ian was Harry Potter and we sprayed that black hairspray all over his very blonde hair. It left a gray film all over the whole shower that did not want to come off.

2. Putting leftovers in containers -- I am notoriously spatially-challenged and can never seem to find the right size container to fit. I either go laughably too big or realize the container is too small when I've almost filled the whole thing.

3. Dried toothpaste -- I don't know how my kids can get toothpaste all over the counter, floor, mirror, walls, and ceiling when they brush their teeth, but it dries to a consistency that rivals cement and is always some weird neon color, so you can't even just ignore it.

4. Otter pop wrappers -- They end up everywhere, especially at the bottom of my window wells, which means I have to climb down in there and clean it out. For some of you that might not be a big deal, but my wells are 5 feet deep.

5. Socks -- My kids take them off and fling them anywhere and everywhere. And they seem to go through 2 pairs a day. Nothing like cuddling up on the couch after a long day to try and unwind with a good book, only to start sniffing. I check to see if maybe I stepped in something out in the yard. Nope. Is it me stinking? No. Forgotten food under the couch? Nope. A dead animal nearby? No, its a sock that has been shoved in between the couch cushions for who knows how many days.

6. Dishes -- they just never end. Ever.

7. Getting Senea dressed -- I will take boys over girls any day in the clothing department. It's a battle every day because she has to wear something that is sufficiently "pretty," "cute," or "hot." (Although I'm trying to strike that word from her vocabulary. 5 year olds aren't "hot.") Plus, it has to be weather appropriate, and mom-approved. Let's just say that all three requirements are rarely met without a bit of a battle. *Sigh* At least she'll wear other colors than pink now. There was at least a full year where she refused to wear anything that wasn't pink.

8. Shaving my legs in the winter -- Just 2 words. Goose bumps. (Ouch)

9. Not having any new emails for a whole day -- Doesn't anyone love me? *Sniff* I know my self-esteem should not be measured by my inbox. I guess its just one sign that I'm addicted to email. Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

10. My kids arguing with each other over stupid things -- like which of the boys' made-up numbers is bigger, "Cheese" or "Shoe" when apparently both are greater than infinity. (True story)

11. When my kids know more than me -- It's so freaking annoying. So I don't know the precise location of Moscow, and that it's really in European Asia. Oh, did I biff you in the head? Sorry. My hand slipped....

12. Complex board games that have more tiny pieces than my entire wardrobe -- And of course they get scattered all over the house. I don't swear, but I've been tempted to after stepping on a small plastic troll from Lord of the Rings Risk in my bare feet.

13. Being late -- I really hate this. I know that I start almost breathing fire, and the kids look at me with wide eyes and I know they're thinking, "Geez, mom. Get a grip. We're only a minute late."

14. The greasy dusty stuff that coats all those random surfaces of the kitchen -- What a pain to clean! Especially on the blinds. I can just turn a blind eye most of the time, but then when it starts getting fuzzy I have to do something.

15. Being hormonal and snarky, and knowing that I'm irrational because I'm hormonal and snarky, but not being able to stop.

Whew! I could just keep going, but that's probably enough. Well, I think I feel better.

You know, snarkiness loves company, so why don't you join in the whine-fest? Tell us about some of your stupid pet peeves!

Have a good weekend!


Stephanie said...

Oh Jaime I don't even know where to start. I will give you my top two.

1. Being Late. . .I think it is selfish to make other wait for those who are late. I don't think it matters what time church starts those who are late at the 9:00 will be late for the 1:00.

2. Carpool. . .it relates to number one but I hate waiting for other people!! I think those who are always making me wait are the ones who have to hug every member of the family and drink the last sips of juice while i am sitting in the car with my kids waiting. I also hate the call at 5 minutes before you are to go saying I can't drive today. . . a call a little earlier would have been nice. I also hate the call from the neighbor saying she needs someone to take her boy to school but can't participate in the carpool. She just wants-literaly-a free ride. Then she proceeds to tell you she just can't load all three of her younger kids in the car to drive him to school---I have three younger kids I have to load in the car!! But I guess that doesn't matter!!?!?!

Boy do I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent :)

Theler said...

Oh Jamie - your rant was funny :) I'm glad you can look at my page now lol. Are you guys coming over on Sunday? See you soon! Love ya! Marissa

Rachel said...

DITTO - I think we have about 10 of the same pet peeves,actually now that I think about it - 15! You just say it way better than I could - thanks for the good laugh- and I love the word "snarky"- it's been added to my vocab list. Can't wait to see you guys today.