Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sibling Oversight

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It has recently been brought to my attention that in the sibling love I've been spreading, there is a significant lack of brotherly attention. Well, we can't have that!

So today is The Theler Five: Brothers Edition.

**Disclaimer: I'm just going to focus on my brothers, because Jason's would take more than one post. Don't worry, though. Over the next little while I'll give a shout out to all the family :)

So, here's to you Cory!
(That would be the tall, incredibly good-looking, and obviously brilliant, one in the center
- as he would make sure to point out.)

First of all, to everyone's joy, Cory (my older brother) got married just this last Spring, making him no longer a menace to society. You can read all about it here. He is also Senea's favorite uncle. She has been known to ask for him to put her to bed when she's mad at mom.

I have to brag that Cory has probably made the trip between Utah and Southern California more often than anyone in a year's time, followed closely by the trip between Utah and the Western Slope of Colorado. Yes, Cory can do road trips. And with flare, style, and, for a while, without even a CD player. Now that takes skill!!

Cory is also a talented humorous columnist. Grab some popcorn, make sure to visit the little boy's/girl's room (so you don't pee your pants) and take a peek at my two favorites: his column about the TV series 24 called "Crack in the Box," or the one about the idiosyncrasies of the writing industry called "Sucker for Publishment."

However, in the quest to woo his beautiful bride, marrying said bride, and getting established as newlyweds, Cory has taken a hiatus from writing columns that cause milk to shoot out my nose. Rumor has it he is turning his talents to a bigger project--maybe a book in the works? Hey, I'd buy it.

In the meantime, he is an insurance adjustor. So be really nice to the next person you talk to at your insurance company. Just imagine being yelled at every phone call you take. Not fun. And if you're snotty enough, you never know, you just might find yourself the object of the adjustor's next humor column...

I want to make mention of my oldest half-brother, Chris, who needs to get his butt over here so I can actually get a picture of him. He lives not far from my home town now, which gives both of us much less excuse to not see each other. Before, we had to go over the river, through the woods, across some mountains, another river, some more woods, and did I mention a mountain or two to visit each other.

So, bros o' mine, is that enough love??

Yeah, I thought so. (Just be careful what you say or you may be the subject of my next Flashback Friday. Do you really want all my readers to see some of those pics? Hmmmm???)

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Strophic Records said...

Ah, brotherly love!!! And what did I do to be a subject of a flashback Friday? I didn't ASK either!!! hahaha!!!!

Love ya Jame.