Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A game of Tag

Status: About 2 chapters from finishing my current manuscript (YEA!) - then edits.
Song: "The Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennitt

It finally happened! I can't tell you how happy this makes me.
Really, I'm getting choked up.

I've been blog tagged! I've been waiting for months for someone to tag me (and if you already have & I just didn't know, I'm soo sorry). Now I feel like I'm fully accepted into the blog world. Like, maybe, I'm "popular." *Sniff*

Stephanie tagged me for... drum roll...

6 Quirks.

I have to tell you 6 of my quirks (only six?! How will I choose from the avalanche of idiosyncrasies in my psyhe?) and then tag 6 people.

Here goes:

Quirk #1 - This is probably the biggest. I don't like chocolate. *Gasp* Yes, you heard me right, and no, I don't know how that is even possible. Probably just a genetic defect.

Quirk #2 - I can't sit on an unmade bed. It just makes me cringe. I used to go over to friends' houses and make their beds so I could sit on them. Rumpled blankets on the couch are close enough to an unmade bed that I can't do it either.

Quirk #3 - My comfortable temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And since most of the year where I live the weather is below that, and most people keep their houses colder than that on purpose in the summer, I am almost always cold. Jason calls me "Coldilocks" and my brother used to say all the time that if you dropped me in a boiling lake I'd still be cold. I *love* my electric blanket.

Quirk #4 - I'm a compulsive email-checker. I have 4 email addresses and check them multiple times a day. I also used to have internet on my cell phone and would check email at the store, in the car, etc. I got rid of the cell phone internet, and am working through a 12 step program to break the email-checking habit. (Not really, but it's not a bad idea.)

Quirk #5 - I am a horrible shopper. First of all, I usually talk myself out of buying stuff while in the store. Then, if I do actually buy something, chances are I'm going to return it anyway. It's so bad that my family teases me about it and Jason will buy me a whole load of stuff for Christmas that he knows I'll return, but he hopes that I'll keep one or two things. It's kind of a running joke.

Quirk #6 - I am the Morning Person of all Morning Persons. I physically cannot sleep in. Even if I go to bed at 3 a.m. I'll be up by at least 7:30. I think the longest I have *ever* slept in (in my life) is 8:30. Maybe 9:00. And I think it was from serious jet lag from a trip to Europe. And just forget having me around much past 10:00 p.m. I usually get up between 5:00-5:30 a.m. My kids are all the same way (Jason often reminds me that it's all my fault).

So there are 6 of my quirks. I hope you'll still like me after reading them...

So now I'm tagging: Lori-ann C., Deborah T., Jenny W., Mindy S., Stephanie R., and Marissa T. You're IT!

Leave me a comment to let me know you got the tag so I can go peek at your quirks.


Lori-ann said...

LOVE your quirks and they are SO true! Though I didn't know about the unmade bed thing. I learn something new every day!

Great, now I have to think of some of my quirks... hmm... Thanks a lot, Jame.

Deborah said...

Got the tag. Hmmmm. Never even heard of this strange game. I don' even know six people.

And yep, those are the quirks I know about. Spot on.


Stephanie said...

Love it!!!! I feel like I totally know you better-- I WISH I had your quirk of getting up early and being a morning person!! I am a total night owl---but getting up earlier I could get so much more done ie:work out!! Totally need to do that or start that rather!! : ) that was fun, let's do it again!! : )