Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pics! Pics! Pics! From Halloween!

Status: Kinda excited for the time change. It will make getting up at 5:15 so much easier because my body will think it's slept in!
Song: "All Night Long" by Peter Murphy

We have to post a few Halloween pics, don't we? The first ones are from a neighborhood Halloween Party. The house was full, and there were easily twice as many people we would have liked to be there. Rumors are flying that next year it will be at my house, and we can cram more people in, because it was so much fun!

Jason and Jaime - the Doctors on call.

Jason with the Calloways, who really might have been in the cast of Mamma Mia.
They were also the winners of the Best Couples Costume Award.

Lynett and Dale A. - Mr. Clean and the Dust Devil. Winner of the Most Creative Costume.

Mia, with her Best Costume award. (Please excuse the fuzziness. I guess I had a case of the shakes or something that night. I was probably laughing.)

Carol and Adam - totally grooovy, man! (Even if the photography is not. LOL)

Kristi was just excited to show she could still do this, but dressed as Nastia the 15 yr. old Olympic gymnast, I guess we're not surprised.

And now some pics of carving pumpkins. It was another Homestarrunner Halloween for our Jack-o-lanterns. (And if you don't know Homestarrunner, I promise to enlighten and convert you in a future post.)

Senea just dug right into the slimy pumpkin innards.

Halloween morning dawned with a spectacular sunrise.

And the kids excited to be off Trick-or-Treating. Ian was a ninja (but a good one, notice the white uniform). Brennan was an alpine paratrooper, complete with parachute pack and portable radio (you notice the antennae sticking out - and no, it's not a golf club. It's an antennae!) Senea was--shocker--Cinderalla... again. Mom had the priviledge of taking the kids Trick or Treating and I went as a... well, a mom. Sorry all, it was one of those days and I did not dress up.

But here's a pic from last year, when I wore that wig all day, even driving around town, to the post office, and to the store.

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You have a beautiful family, miss.
:] Hope all is well. -noralee.