Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas decoration slacker that I am

Status: Soooo close to finishing my book. We're talking days (but don't look at the state of my house)
Song: "Terra Firma" by Delerium

Okay, so I don't have my Christmas tree up. In fact, the Christmas decorations are still boxed and crammed in the shelves hanging from my garage ceiling above where we park our van. I know that I'm trailing behind the neighborhood. But have you ever tried to wrestle a 50 pound Christmas tree from above your head while balancing on a ladder in the semi-darkness because the garage door has to be closed and we all know how not-bright those garage door opener lights are? Yeah, now maybe y'all have some more sympathy for me, huh? You know some obscenely high statistical number of domestic accidents happen while precariously balancing on something at home while wrestling with something high up (the exact statistic I don't know, but you'll have to trust me on this one). And I don't want to be another statistic. I'm more than a number!!

Sorry, I've been reading YA books so I had to throw in a little teen angst. So over it now...

So I'm a Christmas decoration slacker. But at least I have my blog all decorated prettily!


Deborah said...

Haven't seen the changes to your blog yet, but I did notice I could read it this time. You know how hard it is to read yellow letters on a what background?

And about the decorating???? I haven't decorated since my kids left home.

Deborah said...

Okay... now that I've seen it... pretty cool, especially the new Picture.

Beeswax said...

I had my husband get everything out of the attic, and now the boxes are stressing me out. THe kids want to know where the advent calendar is. They know it is the 5th.

And I don't even have a book to show for my slacking.

Donna said...

That would 98.3% percent of domestic accidents. You're justified to not attempt the horrifying task of balancing the 50 pound tree over your head while teetering on top of a ladder in the dark. (That's why you get your neighbor's linebacker husband to get it down for you, once your book is finished, of course.)

Also, did you know that 78.9% of statistics are made up on the spot? ;)

Molly said...

My house is decorated....but I have no idea how to change my blog to include backgrounds, fun decor, etc. I guess we all have our ways to celebrate :)

Good luck on the book!

Kristin Joy said...

We finally managed to get our Christmas decorations up yesterday.