Friday, December 26, 2008

Nothing says Christmas like... machine guns

Status: Practically snowed in. Will it ever stop?!
Song: "Rock the Casbah" by The Clash

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people! I just thought I'd briefly check in before heading off tomorrow, braving the building snow drifts, and flying on a plane to...


Oh, yeah. You read it right. I'll blog all about it too...

But back to Christmas. I know we rank pretty high on the mean parent scale, which my kids were quick to point out when we wouldn't let them open any presents until after we ate a good breakfast (with the tree taunting in the other room)... and did the dishes.

When we finally released the young 'uns to open the gifts - in an orderly youngest to oldest manner (hey, at least we don't make them save the wrapping paper--anymore)- the modest Christmas we decided to have was a hit. We enjoyed the family surrounding us, the giving spirit, the reminders of our Savior, but most especially the NERF MACHINE GUN. *The official name is the Nerf Vulcan.

It was the envy of every male in the house, and a few females too. Check it out.

My first Youtube upload. *sniff*

Really, we had a great Christmas. We actually gave the boys an X-Box (used from a brother-in-law) but they never saw it coming and almost cried. Seriously. Oh, the leverage...

Enjoy the snow everyone!

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