Friday, January 16, 2009

Hawaii continued - it's about time!

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Do you ever fully plan on getting to something, then life gets too interesting or crazy or whatever and that thing you planned on getting to gets shoved to the back burner, then the back of the stove, then on top of the fridge, and finally to the junk drawer? I'm sure that only happens to me... Well, I've yanked the Hawaii blog intentions out of the junk drawer, dusted them off, and here we go!

Just FYI, December/January is in the middle of Hawaii's rainy season, so we had to adjust our plans accordingly - meaning we drove around the island in search of sun. One day we scrapped our plans (yucky weather) and decided to try and go hiking at Manoa Falls. All I can say is thank goodness for cell phones because Gina finally got us to the start of the hike -- where it was dumping buckets of rain. And when it rains in Hawaii it ain't kidding, either.

This doesn't quite do the amount of rain justice, but notice the rivulets of running water down the trail. Some decided to get soaked and hike up to the waterfall anyway. We elected with some others in our party NOT to go hiking. And even as we pulled out of the parking lot I regretted it. I totally should have gone. Just stamp "Crochety Old Geezer" across my forehead. Or maybe "Hates to be cold and wet and could do that just fine at home, thank you." Oh, well.

We headed over to Waikiki instead. Jared, who lives there, detests the place, but since we were tourists we wanted to go there and be immersed in the Hawaii tourist Mecca that is Waikiki Beach.

Notice the hoards of people crowding the beach, in varying degrees of sun exposure--from blinding white (which would be me) to lobster red (and there were quite a few of those) to the two old people that looked their skin could be used for saddles (I'm not kidding.)

Ah, here we are with Diamond Head in the background.

This couple was one of the more interesting parts of the day. They had a total blast doing their own modeling photo shoot--in front of thousands of strangers. She would splash in the ocean or pose covered in sand (like here) while her husband (in the striped spandex pictured above) would snap tons of pics. Then she would take the camera and he would take a turn, swimming with manly strokes or bursting out of the water, etc. I had to admire the sheer aplomb with which they ignored the rest of us (snorting and chuckling in their towels - or maybe that was just me) as they went about their shoot. And actually, it was kinda cute.

New Year's was an experience. We got up super early to head to the North Shore for a shark cage expedition, only to find that the water was too murky to actually see any sharks (too much rain washing the red soil into the ocean), so we went to a nearby beach that had *huge* waves. Like monster scary waves. That totally wiped my feet out from under me when I tried to take an ocean potty break. And you know what? It's very hard to do that when you fear for your life.

Ever heard of Pipeline?
Yeah. That Pipeline.
(And this is not my picture of Pipeline, but it totally rocks, doesn't it? You can find the original here.)

That's where we decided to kick back and go for a leisurely swim in the ocean. Before you freak out, realize the waves weren't *this* big when we were there! I didn't have my camera that day, but I loved the pic I took of Anjuli & Marissa with Jason's dad washing by in the background after being knocked on his butt for the 5th time by the waves. I'm hoping to get some copies of those pics from family.

Another note about New Year's in Hawaii. BIG DEAL. It's THE holiday there. And they go for it in a big way. We're talking fireworks from 5:00 to 1:00 a.m. non-stop. And unlike here, all fireworks are legal.

Here's the street just before midnight when we decided to book it down to the beach to celebrate the official New Years. That isn't fog making it hard to see. It's smoke. From fireworks.

And another learning experience. The beach is dark. Really dark. And it's kinda scary running down the public access path in the pitch black. We used our cell phones to light the way. *Note: iPhones make almost as much light as a flashlight. My little Razr - not so much.

Happy New Year!

I can't believe I stayed up. New Years is the holiday bane of my existence (me being an incurable morning person and all). Usually I can't stay awake and Jason dodges my grumpy swatting at him for waking me up and gives me a quick kiss for the New Year. If I'm lucky I might even remember it the next day. But this time I was wide awake for the magic moment. Of course, being surrounded by the Neighborhood Hawaii Firework Extravaganza left me with little choice.

Oh, man! I had full intentions of fitting the rest of the trip in this post, but it isn't gonna happen. I like to add too much story, I guess. You'll just have to read more fun stuff in future posts.

Like... the sharks. And there were lots of them.


Lori-ann said...

The beach photo shoot cracked me up. How funny! Maybe the next time WE go to a beach, we should do that. Oh wait, WE HAVE NO BEACH! Darn it!

I'm jealous of your vacation. But I'm glad you guys had fun!

The Theler's said...

That was so funny when you were trying to go potty. Marissa and I had a hard time too. Oh Good times.