Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long layover and a really bad movie

Status: Trying to decide if I can get away without shoveling snow today. The verdict--maybe.
Song: "Word Up" by Korn

I just wanted another snowy, frigid picture to get you in the mood for more Hawaii pics. (He he)

Apparently it was snowy and frigid throughout the country the day we left because we had a 7 1/2 layover in San Francisco that we were dreading, but that turned out not to be too bad compared to other airport fun and games. One of Jason's brothers & his wife got stranded in Texas and had to come out the next day, and another brother & wife's flight was delayed leaving San Francisco for over 7 hours, making their layover 9 1/2 hours. Yikes!

So we prepared for our long layover with another of Jason's brothers and his wife who were on the same flights and took BART into the city. Well, only one stop into the city, to a mall where we dined luxuriously at the food court (for about 1/6 the price of airport food) and decided to kill time by seeing a movie and wandering the mall for an hour dragging our carry-on luggage and looking for playing cards to kill the rest of the time.

*A note about the Target in that mall - completely ransacked. Did a hurricane or something go through S.F. without my knowledge so that looters descended upon the Targets throughout the city?! Oh, wait. Day after Christmas shopping. That's about the same thing, I guess.

Anyway, back to the story. The mall food? Passable. Wandering the mall? Okay since we finally found cards. The movie? At the end we stood up and looked at each other, then pronounced that "The Day the Earth Stood Still" had the honor of being in the top 5 of the worst movies we'd ever seen. (That will spur a post soon on my red-headed step blog - my other, neglected blog - about my list of worst movies. I'll wax eloquent on why the movie was so bad there & I'll let you know when it's up so you can go check it out.)

In our "oh my gosh we just spent how much money and time on that 2 hours of trash?!" fog, we stepped onto the first BART train that pulled up, completely failing to read the blinking neon signs that announce the destination of the train. Let's just say, it was the wrong one.

Here we are parked at the wrong station at the end of the line (notice the lack of many other people, because they all intended to get off at this station) for 20 minutes until the train turned around and went back, so we could get off where we first got on and wait for the right train. Good thing we had a full work day to wander around :)

Happily, our plane left on time. We bade a fond farewell to James & Marissa whose flight was supposed to leave 4 hours earlier but had been delayed even longer. Six hours and a completely unknown and another top horrible movie called "The Son of Rambo" later, we were in Hawaii!

Another picture for you. Note the lack of snow...

The first full day rained quite a bit (torrential, rivers running down the street) and we spent time visiting with family and hanging out. The next day was just kicking back and taking it easy (you can actually do that with no kids). Jason and I went running early in the morning (in shorts and a tank top - yes!!), the guys did some golfing, the girls did some walking and exploring, and then some of our group went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, while others went to the beach. We went beaching.

It was too cold for me to get in the water (overcast skies) so I just cheered Jason from the beach. The next day things got a little more interesting, but I'll leave that for the next post.

To end this one I just have to do a little shout out to my hubby.

Happy Birthday!!!
(a couple days late)
You're my favorite 37 year-old by far!

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Hi Lover,

Your blog is the best. Have a great day. (P.S. If you put any bare chested pictures of me in there, make sure I looked as buffed as possible!) I'll see you tonight! XOXO