Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finish with Hawaii already! Sheesh...

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It's been a month since we got home from our Hawaii trip and I've totally slacked in blogging about the rest of it. (I know you all have been glaring daggers at the screen each day when you check the blog and don't see those shark pics.) So now I'm going to get it done! And maybe I'm just a little compulsive about finishing my To-Do list. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating other things on the list.


We tried to do a shark cage expedition on the North Shore on Dec. 31st, but the rain had washed so much silt down into the ocean that we couldn't see anything. So the company didn't take our money and set up a time for the next day when hopefully the water would be clearer. And it was.

So for the first day of 2009 we got into the water with sharks!

Yep. Exactly like this one. (Not my picture)

And this one. (Not my pic)

And a whole bunch of them just like this. (Not my picture, either)

*Part of the reason I waited so long on this post was because I was waiting for some copies of pics from others who were with us, but these will work just as good :)

There were 10 of us on the boat and only 5 could go in the cage at a time, so Jason and I split up. I went first (and I'll admit as I was climbing down in the cage I was a little nervous).

Now for some of my pictures...
Okay, we're ready!

And here come the sharks...

Jason's turn.

And a video I took while Jason was in the cage.

Safe and Sound!
We all agreed it was one of the highlights of the trip. That's a great way to start the year :)

**Note: For those of you who think I'm unbelievably brave for getting in the water with man-eating sharks, they were Galapagos sharks, which eat teeny tiny things like shrimp--and I'm definitely bigger than a shrimp. However, the captain emphasized over and over not to stick your hands outside the bars of the cage and try to touch the sharks. I was thinking, Why in the world would I *want* to touch one of the sharks?!

Then after being in the water surrounded by them for a while I wasn't scared anymore and they looked so graceful and they came sooo close to the cage that if I just reached out, just a little bit, I could see what they felt like and.... WAIT! Don't touch the sharks!!! It was kind of freaky how much I wanted to.


Natalie said...

You are nuts!

Deborah said...

It's amazing how beautiful the creatures of this earth are.