Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In which Jaime tries out the life of a groupie

Status: Sick kid on the mend--maybe
What I'm listening to: "Tell Me Why" by Jakalope

A few weeks ago my sister (awesome musician that she is with her various other awesome musician friends) called me. We chatted for a bit about this and that and then she said, "Oh, by the way. My friends in the group Mackintosh Brown are playing a gig nearby tonight. Do you want to go?"

Did I want to go?! I've always harbored the secret dream to be a groupie. So, yeah I wanted to go! And, lucky me, Jason actually didn't have to work late that night and took over the kidlets and the home front so I could go hang with the band.


Of course, I didn't actually *know* the band. I'd never heard of them or their music, and when my sister explained who they were in terms of bands I did know, I was still confused. But it was a gig, and she mentioned a group that I love called Another Cynthia, which may or may not have had some of the same band members. (I told you I was confused. Don't worry, I brushed up on all the pertinent info. later so as to be a successful groupie.)

The band had traveled from Seattle and would be playing up in Park City the next night to the tune of much more $ per ticket. So, being the poor groupie that I am, opted for the cheaper show. And it was *fraught* with character. Absolutely dripping with character, in fact.

I spruced up with a pair of my tighter-than-sweatpants jeans, a semi-fancy sweater, and a pair of my sparkliest $10 earrings from Walmart. I also did my hair and makeup and wore snazzy boots--groupie-gear, you know.

The band was playing in a place neither my sister, her best friend, or I had ever heard of. And all of us have lived here for a while. Mapquest assured me that this place did, in fact, exist. So we agreed to meet there at 7:00 when the doors opened, even though the show didn't start until 7:30. *Groupies always arrive early to giggle and adore while the band sets up.*

I didn't worry until I got lost in an industrial section most definitely on the wrong side of the tracks. I locked my doors as I drove slowly down the street, re-reading the directions. I didn't realize the street I was looking for was really an alley next to a janitorial supply store. I drove down the alley past a sign that was my second clue that my initiation into groupie-dom was going to be interesting.

Obviously I didn't take the wheelbarrow sign's warning that there wasn't any parking seriously enough, because I drove past it and there wasn't any parking. But as I turned around I did get to see the front door of the "club" (and I use that term in the loosest of ways).

They did do the nice arch thing with the rope Christmas lights. You know, if you don't have a disco ball, go for Christmas lights.

So I backed out of the alley and parked (doors still locked) and called my sister to see how far they were because I wasn't getting out of my car until they got there. I'm ashamed to say my resolve to be an awesome groupie wavered a little until the reinforcements arrived. We paid our $6 (and I still think that might have been a little steep, but that's what it said on the whiteboard marquee) and wandered around to check things out.

We visited the "One and a half legged" girls room in the car shop down the alley (which was the restroom location for the "club").

Checked out the courtyard with the meditation shed...

...and this sculpture...thingey.

You can't forget the Monster Room just off the courtyard (again I use the term "courtyard" loosely since I think it was originally the driveway into the "club" which was just a 2 car garage with a stage at one end).

But perhaps my favorite slice of "character" was the large animal pelvis nailed over the door.

I couldn't make this stuff up (and I'm a writer!).
I quickly took off my Walmart earrings because it was apparent I was overdressed.

The super-friendly kitty we met and decided to name Kilby was pretty cute. Even the little muddy footprints he left all over my groupie-pants just added to the experience.

Here's the stage lighting for the garage...er, I mean... club.

And the stage (um, raised plywood platform with a backdrop of siding).

The first act was a group I'd never heard of. We bailed on them (sorry whoever you were. . . something to do with silt, or runoff, or something) and hung out in Donna's car to listen to the CD of Mackintosh Braun that they gave us (because we were, after all, their groupies). Also, that meant that I'd have a clue what music we were in for.

It started getting late (for me, after 9:00) and I began to get a little silly (just a little bit).

Then Ian Mouser took the stage for a brief acoustic set that was, frankly, pretty rockin'. *scream!*

(See! Here I am being a groupie. I was born for this!)

The three groupies.

Then *our* band took the stage.
I give you-- Mackintosh Braun!!!
**roar of the crowd of 30 people in attendance, but how many can you really fit in a garage, after all?**

They were really, really good. I liked them better live than on the CD, actually. They also told us that they just got news that one of their songs was picked up by the TV series "Chuck." They were stoked! They kind of have a European, 80's, electronic, sorta feel. Check them out here. And they totally rocked the garage...er, I mean..."club!"

Yes, that is me with the band. And yes, that is Mike Braun right next to me, the one and only drummer for the world famous group Hall and Oats!

Yeah, Baby! Take that! I know you're all writhing in jealousy. Who didn't grow up singing "Maneater?" (Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy she'll chew you up (Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater...

Mike was pretty cool, and very, very good. He's also the dad of Ben Braun, the dark-haired one in the center. Then the other band member is Ian Mackintosh, and a really cool guy, too.

Here's another "hanging with the band in true groupie fashion" pic. Of course, I'm not in this one. The show ended about 10:30 and that was waaaay past this groupie's bedtime. I called it a night and went home, missing the further hours of groupie fun.

Maybe I'm not cut out for groupie life, after all. But if they've got another gig nearby at, say--DAWN--I'm there!!


Deborah said...

So for those of us who don't know who Another Cynthia is... (not me)(So how do they apply here?) that's another totally rockin' group that's fun to crank up as you're driving across the eastern Utah desert.

BTW - You didn't tell me about the Hall and Oats connect. RAD!!!!! I'm jealous.

Beeswax said...

I like the image of you taking off the wal-mart earrings.

Groupies have to be flexible.