Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keep Out

Status: Hot water heater acting up again. Cesar's going to be grounded...
What I'm listening to: "Vertigo" by U2

The other day as I was answering email and doing other mom-type stuff on the computer, my children were industriously coloring and being creative. Now, my little girl is *always* coloring or cutting or pasting or painting something, so that wasn't abnormal. What was strange this time was that her older brother was the one initiating the artistic frenzy.

My first college major was Commercial Art and Graphic Design, so I was basking in happy my-children-got-all-my-creativity-genes thoughts. My kids grabbed the tape to hang their masterpieces on their doors for all to see. In fact, they almost wallpapered their doors.

After paying bills, I wandered over to take a look at my little budding Van Gogh and realized that rather than a budding artist, perhaps I have a budding Homeland Security agent.

Don't worry. I took close up pictures so you can see the "art" in its full glory.

The focal point of the "enter and you will die" collage.

In case you can't read it, it has cross bones and says "Do Not Enter!!! You will die!!"

"If you come in I guarantee you will die"

"This is what you will look like if you come in."
Notice the stick figure marked me yelling "Yeah!" while standing over the dead stick figure with X's for eyes and lolling tongue.

My Room
Complete with a bunker (with a couch and TV - dream on!), spikes, disintegration bars, machine gun, and a dead body crumpled on the death spikes.

Here's the code box, where you have to enter the right code. And it's top secret.
*giggle, giggle* He quit laughing when I told him that moms are master code breakers.

Well, this one seems downright tame. And I'm *always* authorized. Nice try, sweetie.

And this is his little sister's door, who promptly followed suit and drew her own death threats. At first they were a bit fancier--with swirls, hearts, and flowers--until her brother informed her that she shouldn't fancy up her keep out collage. She was pretty proud of herself for improving the "code box" design. We erased it all, so that it's invisible. Meaning no one can know it.

Sorry kids, Mom overrides anything you can think up.


Deborah said...

You've got to give him credit for creativity. LOVE the bunker.

Donna said...

That is hilarious! The worst we've had is "No grils alowd" I'm afraid of those grils...