Friday, February 13, 2009

More Things We Love (and no, I'm not cheating)

Status: Ran 10 miles this morning, and it's warmer here than at home.
What I'm listening to: The Eclectic Theler blog playlist

Things We Love #11
My iPod. And everyone in the family loves it.

**iPod story: Jason was gone last year at a conference for Valentine's Day. I was home alone with the kids, and waited for him to call or something. Nothing. I didn't expect a delivery of massive flowers or anything, but I expected that he'd at least *call* on Valentine's Day. When it didn't happen I was a little grumpy. Then the next day, about lunch time I realized I had a voice mail message. It was from Jason from the night before. So, he had called and was waiting for me to call him back. Then he got home and handed me a brand new iPod for Valentine's Day. I felt like the biggest heel in the world, and so I didn't return it out of guilt (I'm a little OCD about returning things) and now it is one of my most favorite possessions on earth.

Things We Love #12-13
*Although it really could be for the rest of the month if we counted each song as one thing we love. But I need to catch up to the date so I don't get confused.*


And it's a really eclectic mix of music that we love, too. To celebrate it I've put on a music player with some of the music we love. (I'm sorry, there's nary a country song on there.) I even put some of my favorite running songs, which might be a little hard for some of you. If it gets annoying, just click on the pause button :)

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