Monday, February 2, 2009

Things We Love: Part 2

Status: Kinda tired and cranky, but the kids having the day off from school will do that.
What I'm listening to: "Falling Off a Log" by Tracey Thorn

Things We (meaning me) Love #2

I love blogging. No, really. I love thinking them up and writing them and when someone says something about it like, "I saw on your blog..." or "You put the funniest things on your blog..." or "Did that *really* happen..." etc. It's an outlet for me and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside that others might enjoy it, too.

So, to celebrate this second day of LOVE, let me walk you around some of the features of the Theler Five Blog.

First, notice the fancy, flowery, love-y new blog decor. (I love decorating with a few mouse clicks. So much easier than painting or matching color swatches.) Along with the Brady Bunch-ish family picture at the top.

On the left sidebar we have...nothing. Sorry.

But on the right sidebar we have lots of goodies. There's the quote of the moment (which hasn't changed in quite a while because, frankly, I haven't found one that strikes my fancy enough to get rid of that one). And my list of followers (Hi, Guys!). You know, some of you may want to become a follower, too. Then every time I post you get a handy little snippet in your blogger dashboard. Very handy. And you get to have your little picture in the sidebar, and I feel even more warm and fuzzy... Just a thought.

Let's see, there's also the Twitter updates (for those of you who do that) and the friends and family links (yada, yada - all the same).

But then... WAIT... is that something new? In the right sidebar?

The best of the Theler Five - 2008?!?!

Yes, it is! For those of you who may have missed such classics like the Hot Water Heater Saga or the Twilight Trailer Spoof (or those who just want to see them again) you can now click on one of those handy-dandy little links and *poof* you'll be taken to that post. Like Magic!

*Note: I really hope you enjoy it because it took some doing to choose and hunt down links, and type it all in, etc. But I did it for you, my loyal readers. :)


Deborah said...

Loved the tour. Where's the guest book?

Cheri said...

Thanks for the great blogs. It is so fun to read your blogs. I read others, but your blogs are the ones that I laugh with Rick about. It's SO real life :). Thank you for keeping up with your blog (unlike others who do a terrible job - like me).