Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We love our mice

Status: Out of town for a couple of days. Writing here I come!
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I never thought I'd be dependent on a rodent, but yesterday when the mouse for our computer died (it would only move up and down in the center of the screen - and there aren't a lot of things you need to click right in the center of the screen) I was very distraught. I ran to the store and bought a new mouse, only to find out the instructions involved downloading drivers from the internet, which is hard to do WHEN YOU CAN'T CLICK ON ANYTHING!!

Lucky for my sanity and all you readers, we got it figured out and once more have a mouse residing on our computer desk. It only seems appropriate to list this as one of the things we love.

Things We Love #10
Our mice.

And here's a gallery of mice.

This one's pretty darn cute. You can find it here. Along with a lipstick flashdrive.

A little bit of Hello Kitty (find it here).

What about this one here?

And perhaps the ugliest mouse on earth.

This pic is from an article about how the mouse will be gone in 3-4 years, and replaced by touch screens.

So soon it will Bye Bye Mousey. We'll enjoy you while we can...

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Deborah said...

And I just got one because I couldn't stand my touch pad any longer.