Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're going nuts!

Status: Not going to workout tomorrow at the crack of dawn (dangit)
What I'm listening to: the click of the keyboard as I type

We've been hearing a lot about nuts lately, what with the peanut butter and salmonella mess (you can check here for the latest recalls) and it seems more and more people with nut allergies.

Well, I guess my kids have been paying more attention than I thought. Today I witnessed one of my boys' latest games. They call it "Severe Nut Allergy."

How it works is one of the boys will run toward the other (he's the one with the allergy), and just before he reaches his brother, the non-runner will hold up his hand and yell "Peanut!" Then they both make explosion sounds and the allergic child drops to the ground because he *exploded* (I guess that's what young boys immediately think "severe" means). Then they laugh hysterically and switch places.

I honestly didn't know what to say to this game. I guess at least my children are aware of the potential seriousness of a nut allergy... right?

That leads me to a wondering. Are there more people with severe allergies than their used to be? I can't remember any in my elementary school, but one of my boys had a classmate that was seriously allergic to nuts, chocolate, and something else. What do you think?


Deborah said...

Can you be allergic to people? I get to have that one.

Beeswax said...

That game is fab. I am going to tell my kids about it.