Friday, March 13, 2009

Bag Tag - in which my daughter's purse contents are cooler than mine

I've seen on some friend's blogs an idea that I'm going to totally steal. It's called "Bag Tag" and if you're tagged, then you empty out the contents of your purse and take a picture (minus any super-embarrassing objects having to do with hygiene, that, frankly, no one wants to know you have in there anyway).

I haven't been tagged for this, but I simply *have* to "Bag Tag" my daughter. She has multiple purses stuffed with a dizzying array of things (toys, rocks, money, clothes, feathers, dolls, art projects, sticks, beads, etc). But the best purse, IMO, is the purse she made herself. And it kicks my purse's butt in the coolness factor.

*Disclaimer: I'm sad to admit that not only was this not my idea, but I didn't even help her. All credit goes to her amazing creativity and the fabulous mommy-skills of my neighbor, Mindy, who helped a horde of little girls make their own purses one day at her house. I'm not worthy!!

So... Here Goes. My daughter's purse.

Let me list the contents for you.
(No animals were harmed in the manufacturing of this purse, and all items are 100% hand-made. Everything was produced in the USA.)

Back row: flowers, a book (she's her mommy's girl), a laptop, shopping list, nail polish, lipstick, a plum (you need snacks), and a mirror.
2nd row: powder compact, cherries, more nail polish, an apple, a bottle, teddy bear (for the baby), baby bow, keys, a binkie, face glitter.
3rd row: gum, mascara, a candy bar, diaper, orange, grapes, peanuts, another book.
Front row: wallet, and the purse itself.

Here's a close-up of the outside of the wallet.

And it even opens.

(Notice the family pictures and credit card - there are slits cut out on the right side for the cards and it opens so you can put money in it.)

Here are her keys (each separately colored, cut out, and connected on a string to make a ring of keys).

Her lap top.

Her cell phone (which I didn't realize was in the other room while we were taking pictures).

Putting on her "make-up"

I would just be plain embarrassed to take a picture of my boring purse now.

The creativity just amazes me. Who says boys and girls don't play different? My boys would *never* have thought this up. Making weapons out of legos, pipes, sticks, and rolls of paper - yes. (I'm sad that I never got a picture of the all-paper semi-automatic machine gun. What was I thinking?!)

You gotta love kids!


Lori-ann said...

W.O.W. My purse is sooooo outdated! I don't have a laptop, several books, or even half of what she has. And they are all customized to her personal tastes too! I don't think I would ever have the patience to help my boys with something like that.. Oh wait. My boys would never WANT to do something like that! HAHA

Deborah said...

Her attention to detail is amazing.

Grandma Carolyn said...

You definitely have a girl on your hands and you are so in trouble in about eight years! She has quite the imagination and creativity. We love her.