Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny LDS humor

I feel it's a good time to throw in some LDS humor. (Sorry if you're not LDS, as it won't be nearly as funny.)

This is the front of a T-shirt at Shameless Humor.

The copy about the shirt reads:
Kissing is okay, but there are lines that need to be drawn,
and they need to be drawn as soon as possible,
like the very moment you meet someone.

*I wish I'd had this in high school*

You can also get a T-shirt that says "Fetch Off and Die." You know, for *those* kind of days.

I was procrastinating and found a funny blog that tickled my sleep-deprived funny bone. It's called My Religious Blog and it features, among other things, a new drink called "Sheri Dew" (think Mountain Dew) and "Puns of Perdition." Ha ha ha!

*Note: I tried multiple times to insert the Sheri Dew drink picture into this blog, but blogger obviously hates it. Do I sense a religious bias? Hmmm?*


Buyog said...

Hey Jaime! Found your blog through yer Bro's.

I just discovered MyRegisBlog/MyReligiousBlog myself a few days ago and spent a happy hour chuckling through his entire archive. Fun stuff. :)

Beeswax said...

Fetch, that's funny.