Sunday, May 17, 2009

In case you don't have enough of ... me

*I just realized this blog title might sound a bit arrogant. It is very tongue in cheek, fyi.

Remember I have another blog called Bookmom Musings that I encourage you to visit. That blog talks about the mysterious and almost heart-attack inducing excitement of being a writer, gives you weekly vocabulary you can use to sound all intelligent and snooty (if you need a word for the perfect butt, which sounds much better than "the perfect butt," for example), and shares fun you-tube videos about writing like this take of "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart. Not to mention my world-changing thoughts on publishing, movies, and anything else I want to blog about as I procrastinate working on the current book. (Because blogging is technically writing, so it's not as bad as--say--laying on the grass staring up at the sky, right?)

The latest fun at Bookmom Musings is this hilarious news report about the Star Trek movie that I shamelessly stole from someone else's blog.


Lori-ann said...

I can never get enough of you!

Deborah said...

Well, next to Lori-ann and Cory, I think you're my favorite person.