Sunday, May 10, 2009

How much is a mom worth? I'm over $100,000

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's an article on "What is a Mother's Work Really Worth?" It talks a bit about the unpaid value of a mom and my favorite part is the link to a Moms Salary Wizard, where (according to the site) Families Can Customize Mom's Job Description and Create a "Mom Paycheck."

I took it for a whirl and , adjusting for median job salaries in my zip code, I am worth:


I put in the hours I spend on different jobs per week (estimate) and the wizard calculated the hours I work, plus my hourly wage, and - the kicker - the overtime. This is what I could have been paid for a year for all the work I do on a regular basis.

You can even print out a check for that amount. I plan on printing it out and hanging it on the fridge so I can look at it on *those* days (you know the ones) and remind myself of the minimum value I'm giving my children.

So what are other moms worth?

*We all know a good mom or dad is truly priceless.

**And this is not a competition, just a fun little thing for Mother's Day.

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Deborah said...

I'm afraid to find out how much I'm worth.