Friday, May 8, 2009

No flowers for me- I want space battles for Mother's Day

Last night my wonderful husband gave me my Mother's Day present early. He walked in the door with a huge smile and handed me two little pieces of multicolored paper:

Movie tickets to the new Star Trek movie!

I do believe I squealed and jumped up and down. (Does my darling know me or what?) And I guarantee he wouldn't have gotten that reaction with jewelry or flowers.

I know you're dying to know. How was the movie? One word:


Oh Great Big Globs of Romulon Red Matter was it awesome!

From start to finish. Good acting, great script, epic music, incredible effects. I think I've had enough space battles, explosions, and inside Trekkie jokes to last me until I go see it again. (And yes, I will. Right after Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe and Harry Potter and...and... and...)

If you're curious, here's a review of the movie which is more than one word.

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

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Lori-ann said...

Ooh! I'm SO jealous! That's on our list of movies to see at the dollar theatre this summer. Yes, we're cheap.

Star Trek, X-Men, Harry Pooter - I mean Potter, uh.. I know there was another one. I'll have to think...