Friday, May 29, 2009

School's Out

Today was officially the LAST day of school.

Now the delightful darlings and I have 2 1/2 months of unbroken time together. Even though at first I felt like the picture above, I decided that summer can be a fun time for us. It will just take a little planning on my part. So this weekend I'm putting together my game plan (probably in a list, since I love them so) and we will go do some fun things, do a lot of swimming, a little hiking, and other more structured, planned activities.

Hopefully that means our summer will be more like this:

I also foresee many home projects being finished, because when the darlings fight they owe me work. And I saved spring cleaning until now. *rubbing hands together in anticipation*


Lori-ann said...

Everyone run for cover! Or run to Aunt Jaime's house a lot...

Looking forward to many afternoon's of swimming.

Tiffany said...

Hello Thelers!! We found you!! What a very fun blog. Walker just said it is nice to see Jason swimming again (in reference to the alligator!!) I am going to add you to my list!! What a fun way to keep up, although it won't come close to all the butt calls I receive. Here is our blog
Talk to you soon - Tiff and Walker