Friday, May 15, 2009

Splashes of Happy

Life is full of things that can make us worried, sad, fearful, angry, and a whole list of other feelings that can bring us down.

One thing that I've learned (and have to keep reminding myself) is that part of being happy is finding joy in the little things. For some reason today I'm thinking of them as little drips or splashes of happy. Like when you get splashed a little by a sprinkler when you walk by. But just remember, if you get enough splashes, those equal a wave. (Sorry if this analogy is too obscure, or just plain lame.)

I'm going to share some of my splashes of happy (the yard edition).

Lilacs are my favorite flower. And it's great when I get a whiff of their fragrance from a gust of wind from just the right direction. The other day I decided I wanted that fragrance in my house, too, so I snipped some and put it in a vase in the center of the kitchen table. My daughter almost exploded from excitement at the "girlie" idea (I'm not know for my "girlie" ways). She was so proud of me.

The water perry in my rock wall. This picture doesn't do justice to the happy little flowers.

The thyme plants, which bloom these cute purple flowers in the spring.

My garden.
Esp. these little tomato plants which I know will grow up to be great big plants of red, delicious bounty!

The iceplant in the rock wall.

Petunias. I just like them.

Our Golden Rain Tree.

My girly-girl's delight in mud.

So go enjoy your own splashes of happy. And share in the comments, if you feel so inclined. :)


Lori-ann said...

AWE! Don't you just LOVE spring? Hmmm.... It's so nice! Thanks for the reminder and for all the lovely pictures of your garden at springtime. (I loved the girly squeal thing. Super cute because I can hear Senea totally doing that.)

Grandma Carolyn said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year - specifically because of all the beautiful colors we see in the blooms that surround us.