Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walking/running across America

That's right! I've decided to RUN across America.

I'll start in the most northeast corner, which is Madawaska, Maine. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but probably somewhere in Southern California, with various detours along the way. (Maybe.)

Okay, before you get *too* impressed, I have to admit that I'm not really running across American in Forrest Gump style. I'm doing it virtually.

I've joined the virtual walking tour of Deborah Talmadge (who just happens to be my mom. Hi mom! *waving*). She came up with this baby genius creative way to make those miles on the treadmill a little more interesting. And the more people who join the more fun it will be!

Won't you join us walking/running across America this summer? And invite other family & friends to participate. Just link to Deborah's post that starts it all.

I'll keep a counter in the sidebar of how far I've gone and I'm really curious how long it will take me to get across the country. (From Augusta, Maine to Los Angeles, California is 3300 miles. Yikes!)

And we're off! This morning I ran 5 miles to kick start my Tour Across America!


Buyog said...

That's a pretty great idea; your mom's so clever!

Deborah said...

LOL Thanks. *waving back* Of course, you know, you have already left me in your dust.