Thursday, June 18, 2009

Into the Mountains We Go

As part of my "We're dragging the kids to do fun things this summer, no matter how much they whine about it" plan, we ignored the rain and headed out for our first "family bonding experience" of the summer.

Amid much groaning, complaining, and gnashing of teeth (on the parents' part), we piled into the car and headed to the mountains last week.

There were some great views.

(although Professor is really not fond of heights, as you can see).

One of the coolest views was this mommy and baby moose snacking in a flooded meadow.

Our destination:

A crack in the limestone has resulted in a bunch of natural springs bubbling up from the ground. It was beautiful, and all paved trail/boardwalk so the rain didn't matter.

And a closer look at the happy little springs. (Just feel the happy bubbliness...)

All in all it was a good day, and all the better because Mom and Dad could say, "Neener, neener! You had fun, so quit fighting us on the bonding experiences, all right?!"


Theler said...

How fun! I always want to go on cool hikes. You will have to tell me where all the hot spots are! If you guys ever go on a Saturday let us know we would love to tag along! See you sunday!

Deborah said...

It's all so beautiful.

Grandma Carolyn said...

It looks like a great way to spend a day together. We will have to get the details on where to go.