Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three weekends to save a little money on vacation

Last year our family did a Staycation, and this year I think lots of families will be doing that sort of vacation. I came across this little tidbit and wanted to share for all of you out there who are looking for inexpensive vacations this summer.

The National Parks Service will waive entrance fees at national parks and monuments for three weekends this summer: June 20-21, July 18-19, and August 15-16.

Here's the news article. And here are some great photos from some National Parks (none of which I took).

Bryce Canyon National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Arches National Park

Saguaro National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

You know, we've never been to the Grand Canyon. Maybe there are three weekends we might want to go.

Here's an article on Unheralded National Parks, in case you want to visit some of the less crowded ones those weekends.


Deborah said...

I'd go for the less visited vacation spots.

Lori-ann said...

That is really cool! Rob and I were actually discussing when we could go to St. George this year and stay in Dad's condo, since we haven't had a vacation in THREE YEARS! The weekend that looks the best is actually the one that overlaps J's birthday. We were talking about going to Zion's on the July 18th... PERFECT! Now here's to hoping the condo is available.

We're also going to be going camping once a month during the summer. Can you believe it? I actually want to go camping!

Another thing to do around here for a day is drive and hike on the Nebo Scenic Route starting in Payson, Utah. We're doing that tomorrow (Rob actually took a day off) AND Saturday is free fishing day in Utah! I don't know where Rob got his information, but there's activities in different places around the state. Utah Lake is doing a ton of things and there's a big pond ... somewhere ... up north that is putting in a whole bunch of rainbow trout and providing fishing poles for kids who don't have one. The kids have been wanting to go fishing for months! It looks like we're having a busy weekend spending time together and making memories. :)

Tavia said...

We'll be going to some this weekend instead...wish I would have known about this sooner.