Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trench warfare . . . inside?

If you feel like a battle with trenches, a la WWI style, don't let the rain outside stop you. Or the fact that you can't actually *dig* a trench. All you need is some dirty laundry, all mom's pillows, some Stephenie Meyers books, and lots and lots of shoes.

The first line of trenches.

The second line.

And although it might be hard to tell, there's a third trench along the bed and back in the corner.

The other boy's trench. With "land mines" littering the ground in front.

And not to be outdone, Princess uses her stroller and shoes for her own trench.

Almost more funny than the trenches was their war trophy.
A "Stormtrooper On a Stick"

Princess wanted to try out the trophy.

And this is what happens when you get distracted taking pictures of what your children are doing so you can blog about it instead of finishing breakfast.
Mmmm. Nothing like a burnt frisbee with powdered sugar on top.


Grandma Carolyn said...

You needed Jack around to eat the waffle that is slightly brown around the edges.

Donna said...

A Stormtrooper on a steeck. Jose would approve. Gotta love imagination! Wish I had one...