Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finishing up the Wasatch Back

I need to get this race finished off so I can get to all the other blogs waiting to be written. :)

So... the third and final leg of the race. While we were playing "I Just Dare You To Sleep" in the sardine gym, the other van got to see this gorgeous sunrise.

Wow! Really, the scenery was fantastic. Even at night. A few times while I was running I looked up at the thousands of stars. You don't realize how much light pollution limits the stars you can see until you get away from it.

Our turn to run (for the last time) was coming up yet again. Jason got down to business stretching and making sure he was ready.

(Remember. No sleep!)

During Jason's run the rain and wind started. Here he is at the end, and boy was he ready to be done running for a while.

Up and over Jordanelle Reservoir, which was gorgeous.

This engagement-like picture *was not* our idea; I would have showered, brushed my hair, and not been covered in crusty hours-old sweat if it had been my idea.

I was dreading my last run, not because it was hard (only 3.1 miles flat) but because by that point I could seriously barely move. The other runners kept sneaking concerned looks at me each time I got in and out of the car (which took 5 minutes). They were thinking the same thing I was, "How in the world is she actually going to run?"

I sure didn't know how, but when my turn came I did it. In the pouring rain. And boy, did it hurt! I got through it on sheer stubborn determination. Here's a little snippet of what went through my head: I just want this race over with! Ow. Ow. Ow. Only 2.5 miles and I can be done and die in peace! I can't believe that freaking van with Viking horns taped to the roof just drove through that huge puddle and soaked me. Stupid race. Ow. Ow. Ow. No way is this just 3.1 miles!

Finally finished!

You may not be able to tell in this picture, but I was head to toe dripping wet. Soaked. (Notice everyone else is bundled up.)
I practically passed out in the car as we drove to Park City to wait at the finish line for our last runner. Everyone was cold and exhausted, but I was also extremely sore. Finally our last runner arrived and we all ran (or hobbled, in my case) the last little bit across the finish line together. We crossed the finish line in 27 hrs 31 minutes. Just before the full-force monsoon hit. (We felt bad for those teams still running in it.)

Yippee! Go A-Team!

Our cool medal and T-shirt.

Jason helping me sloooowly move across the parking lot.
(If it looks like I'm walking funny it's because I'm walking funny.)

We had such a great time we'll definitely be doing it again!


Buyog said...

Thanks for posting this experience. It's a real motivator for me to know others are exercising on a regular basis and tackling tough challenges like this.

Deborah said...

Ow! It makes me hurt just to see the pictures. You the chick, kiddo.

Grandma Carolyn said...

You and Jason are awesome! Great pictures and as always great narration.