Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 13!

Happy Friday all! Not only is it a bee-you-ti-ful Friday weather-wise (bring on the sun!!) but it also happens to be my anniversary. 13 years with my awesome husband! *sniff*

The traditional 13th anniversary gift is LACE.

And yes, that is my husband whooping and cheering in the corner. He likes this year better than, say, year 7 which is the wool and copper anniversary. That was an easy year for gifts. Steel wool anyone? And it came in so handy for that pot where I got involved writing that fight scene and forgot I was steaming carrots... *Note: I didn't really get him steel wool, but wouldn't that have been an *awesome* idea?!

He won't be nearly so happy when he unwraps that package of doilies.


Stephanie said...

that's great!!!! hahhahaha dan and I are celebrating 9 coming up I wonder what 9 years is???

Beeswax said...

THanks so much for the ideas. Our 13th is next week, and I had no idea what to get him until I saw your doilies. PERFECT!

Also, I think the only time I ever met you was right before you guys got hitched! So, I guess that was more than 13 years ago!


Grandma Carolyn said...

We love having you in our family! Happy Anniversary.