Thursday, July 9, 2009

Treadmills are not toys

A fact which Princess is now convinced of. I'm afraid I have a child that has to learn things the hard way. *sigh*

This is 2 days after the incident.

What's missing in these pictures is her face. Imagine mouth wide open and emitting a wail to rival a siren. She's okay as long as the bandages are on. Once they come off the wailing begins anew.

For those of you who are concerned, she's doing pretty good. Nothing broken, just missing chunks of skin. I think the treadmill won this round.


Deborah said...

Ouch. Looks pretty awful.

Lori-ann said...

Oh wow! POOR GIRL! She's still really swollen. Yes, I can see why you can't take your kids swimming. Give her a great big hug for me. I feel so sad just seeing those pictures. Good thing is that kids heal faster than adults. I bet it was really bad when it happened then, keeping the healing time in mind.


Theler said...

THat makes me hurt! Ouch!

Beeswax said...

Oh boy. My daughter ended up in the ER for playing on the treadmill at Gramma's house while I was in Europe a couple years ago. Keeping her hands clean and dry was not easy. But she didn't get any scar tissue that limited her range of motion, and just think, in the long run, better the hands than the face.

Tavia said...

How's she doing? I hope it's healing up okay.