Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A-hiking We Will Go

That's right, I dragged the family off for some more hiking fun. Don't let the kids fool you. They enjoy it almost as much as me. This time we hiked up a mountain to visit a prominent white letter. Those of you who know where we live will know what letter that is. Those of you who don't, well, you can pick any letter you want (although there may be clues in this post).

The city in the background.

At the top. Yea! It was a steep climb, but the kids did great.

Turbo retrieving a fellow hiker's hat. He liked it so much he went down the letter the whole way (no cheating on the steps on the side).

And here we are climbing down the big, white letter.

Unfortunately, we didn't see the sign at the foot of the trail that said not to climb on the letter until we were all finished. Oops! So, don't do what we did. *sheepish*

And a sudden, spontaneous urge to do YMCA?

What a view!
The kids wanted to photograph the wildlife we came across.
The kids liked going down much better than going up.

Wahoo! We did it!


Deborah said...

I'm soooo glad you didn't invite me. Beautiful scenery, but I wouldn't have made it.

Pop on over to my blog where you've won a "major award".

Deborah said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Tavia said...

This is one of my favorite hikes! Yes, a little steep for kids, but a great view and workout.

Grandma Carolyn said...

True blue BYU fans!