Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sliding down a rock in freezing cold water

I know the title of this post doesn't sound particularly fun, but it really was! The day before school started I had planned on forcing...I mean, taking... the kids swimming for a last hurrah. Then a friend invited us to go to Sliding Rock with them, a really cool place just up the road (about 10 miles) that I had never heard of. My kids get along great with hers and hiking around is right up my alley, so we changed our plans.

We had a great time, just three moms, a whole pack of kids, and the glory of nature. Oh, and all the high school students and the other moms we met on the way and those teenagers that were somehow better than the rest of us and could get in the gate so they drove up the mile to the waterfall while we had to hoof it.

I don't know...

Are you sure about this?

Sure or not, at this point you can't change your mind.

Even mom, a.k.a. Coldilocks, slid down the rock in the fuh-reezing cold water (snow melt, anyone?). And I went not once, but TWICE! (Yes, be amazed.) The second time was with 6 year-old princess who was so brave!

Just chilling...

No seriously. Can you believe how cold the water is?!

Whew! What an adventure.

On the way home Turbo said enthusiastically, "That was one of the wonders of the world that God created for us!"

And that was almost better than the adventure.


Carol said...

We are definitely going to have to do that one of these fine hot days. Our boys love Cecret Lake up Little Cottonwood, if you're looking for another fun hike, although there is no swimming allowed there.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

I'm sorry but I have to correct you on this post. That water is beyond fureezing.

It's {Insert colorful adjectives} cold.

Carolyn said...

Looks and sounds like it was a fun day.